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Black Friday Every Day: Walmart Uses Virtual Reality to Train Its Employees

Walmart’s Academy training centers are planning on incorporating virtual reality (VR) as a part of their employee preparation by the end of 2017. The company will use this technology to assist in educating the estimated 150,000 employees that enter the 200 Walmart Academy training centers each year. VR software company STRIVR Labs, along with gaming PC and head-mounted display (HMD) Oculus Rift will be used to showcase the VR training materials. Continue reading

IBM Helps Walmart Leverage Blockchain to Improve Food Safety Outcomes

In October 2016, Walmart began testing blockchain’s capabilities to improve food safety across its complex global food supply chain. The initial proof-of-concept (POC) will track two products: one packaged produce item in the U.S. and pork in China. Using blockchain will enable the array of suppliers and distributors across the supply chain to record information on products in one central repository, rather than across a web of siloed, proprietary systems. In theory, this will increase transparency and create a permanent, traceable record of information as products move from supplier farms to Walmart shelves. Continue reading

Walmart Introduces Playbook for Sustainable Packaging: Lux Picks the Best Plays

Walmart recently released its “Sustainable Packaging Playbook,” where it provides best practices for suppliers looking to improve and innovate sustainable packaging. It emphasizes that these sustainable packaging best practices are meant to compliment business needs, which is to say going “green” does not mean sacrificing performance. Walmart highlighted three innovation pillars in its playbook:

ls_biosciences_11_20_16 Continue reading