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President Trump’s Energy Agenda Won’t Stop Renewables’ and Energy Storage’s Momentum

President Trump’s energy agenda’s strongly positive rhetoric around boosting oil and gas production and revitalizing the coal industry will only go so far, as economics in both industries play a larger role. Despite Trump’s political agenda, his actual influence will have an overall moderate impact in the U.S. energy landscape.

In an examination of Trump’s America First Energy Plan, we determined how the Trump administration may impact domestic energy in five segments of the energy landscape – oil and gas, renewable fuels, coal, renewables and storage, and offshore wind.

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Leaders and Laggards in the Race to Create the Utility of the Future

Highlighted Research | July 3, 2016

Electric utilities today are faced with unprecedented challenges, and their fundamental business model is at risk. The emergence of distributed generation (DG) has sparked a revolution in the power sector and poses an imminent threat to utilities, as customers generating their own power behind the utility’s meter erodes their primary revenue stream. Meanwhile, utilities are facing increasingly stringent renewables mandates, changing regulations, and an increasingly complex grid to manage – a perfect storm of challenges that demands a strong and rapid response. However, incumbent utilities have a rocky relationship with innovation, and attitudes range from denial, to obstructionism, to – in some cases – real creative adaptation. Continue reading