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Not All “Digital Drug” Therapies Are Created Equal

Lux recently spoke with Chrono Therapeutics, developer of a digital smoking cessation program that incorporates a transdermal patch for timed drug delivery, a digital compliance platform, and virtual behavioral support. Chrono looks to combine innovation in drug delivery with digital tools to – it claims – double or even triple the quit rate achieved via traditional nicotine patches. Lux has spoken with other companies who characterize themselves, or whom others characterize, as developers of digital drug therapeutics, too; they include Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery, Proteus Digital Health, and Pear Therapeutics, and with $47 million invested in Chrono Therapeutics, $40 million in Proteus Digital Health, and $20 million in Pear Therapeutics – all in the last year – the digital drug space is gaining traction. However, through our conversation with David Matley, VP of Business Development at Chrono, a not-less-important insight than the value of digital surfaced: the term “digital drug therapy” is commonly used, though by different parties to mean different things. Continue reading