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Energy Drives Defensive Innovation in the Steel Industry

In recent years, there has been rapid innovation in the development and processing of structural metals, particularly for high-performance alloys. Lux has covered high-end metals innovation extensively, much of which has been driven by advances in 3D printing, simulation and modeling software, materials informatics, and novel approaches to alloy design, such as high-entropy alloys. As a result, the development, production, and processing of high-performance metals continues to get cheaper as quality improves. Continue reading

How The North Face and Coca-Cola Incorporate Bio-Based Materials Into Consumer Products

A new generation of consumers demand sustainability. In response, multinational corporations are increasingly integrating bio-based materials and chemicals into products as a way to market a more sustainable brand. Business savvy leaders will first target opportunities where bio-based materials & chemicals have a clear advantage over incumbents in performance, but most are stumped by where to start in the value chain. Continue reading

Commoditization of Materials R&D Now Threatens the Materials and Chemicals Industry

Commoditization has been the constant story of the chemicals and materials industry since the earliest discoveries that enabled large scale material production. Historically new processes, competition, and business models have pushed the manufacture of once-specialty materials like PET, PVC, and polyolefins towards commoditization, making them cheaper, more available, and interchangeable with the competition. Today, digital technologies are causing these same changes in the materials R&D process and the process of materials selection and part manufacture. The actions and skills that underlie the materials and chemicals industry are undergoing commoditization, with major ramifications for how every material is produced and utilized, now and in the future.

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