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Boiling Down the Top IoT Startups in the Water Industry

Water utilities around the world have used smart devices connected to the internet for nearly two decades. Today, the meaning of connectivity in the water industry is drastically changing with the use of better analytics and robust hardware that requires little to no intervention, once deployed. With over 50,000 water utilities in the U.S. itself, the opportunity for internet of things (IoT)-based technology is growing in the water industry. There are some 300-plus large-scale utilities that each have more than 30,000 connections. However, for smaller utilities, budgetary concerns, and issues with scaling systems have been a hurdle for deploying smart meters and emerging technologies. Continue reading

WEBINAR – Beyond Buzzwords: Capitalizing on the Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

The headlines are rife with claims of huge market opportunities highlighted by poorly defined buzzwords such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, and the Digital Thread. While few would quibble with the potentially massive opportunity, the majority of enterprises are unprepared for how the digital transformation of their business will change both the products and services they offer, and the processes they use to generate them.

In this webinar Lux:

  • Explored what emerging technologies will threaten the status quo
  • Provided guidance for sorting through the hype to understand the offerings of players both big and small
  • Suggested a consideration of a cohesive corporate strategy to maximize the roles of disparate functions like IT, product development, and M&A

To view this webinar recording click here.

For the audio recording click here.

By: Kevin See