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Highlighting 2017’s Major Food Technology Trends

Clean label and “free-from” food innovations, alternatives for undesirable food components (e.g. sugar, salt, and preservatives), increased protein, functional foods, and the role of the microbiome in health were major technology trends that have shaped the food industry landscape in the past few years. While these technology trends will continue to be influential in the coming years, we expect a few of them will have the greatest impact in the food industry this year. Here is Lux’s prediction of 2017’s top three food technology trends: Continue reading

The Shift to Alternative Proteins: Novel Formulations Address Hurdles to Adoption

Proteins remain a hot topic throughout the food industry, and several drivers converge to spark the development and production of alternative proteins. These alternative proteins come from a variety of sources, such as plants, algae, insects, synthetic biology, agricultural and food waste, and even in-vitro meat, and range drastically in their developmental timelines. Lux classifies these drivers into three categories: supply concerns, consumer preference, and environmental concerns. Continue reading