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DowDuPont Plans a Re-Think of its Break-Up

The DowDuPont merger appears to be on track (client registration required) for a late completion after European regulators signed off on it recently. However, investors apparently aren’t satisfied with the company’s current plan to break into three entities after the merger. In fact, the companies have now announced that there will be a detailed review of the split-off after the merger is complete, which could result in delaying the final spin-outs. Continue reading

Lux Highlights the Key Themes from SustPack 2017

Lux recently attended SustPack 2017, a conference focused on “the Inputs, Outputs and Impacts of Packaging in Supply Chain Sustainability.” Although the conference’s topics varied from sourcing sustainably to commercializing biopolymers to reducing food waste, three key themes emerged from the discussions: Continue reading