WEBINAR – Blockchain Beyond Finance: Power, Supply Chain, IoT, & Much More

There is tremendous hype around blockchain, as venture firms throw billions at startups and developers begin porting the concept outside of the financial services industry. Beyond the hype, there is immense confusion around the appropriate use cases and the emerging participant ecosystem. Enterprises are uncertain about how blockchain will impact their businesses and they are even more uncertain about how to capitalize on the opportunity. In this webinar, we framed the evolving value chain, uncovered real world examples of industrial enterprise deployments, and explored the future of blockchain in industrial use cases beyond finance.

This webinar addressed:

  • The technical architecture for emerging blockchain solutions and the rapidly developing value chain of participants
  • Sensible use cases that are ready to adopt blockchain and real world examples of industrial enterprise deployments
  • The future of blockchain and its impact on industrial enterprises outside of financial services

To listen to the webinar, use the embedded player below or click here.  To view the full webinar with slides, click here.

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